About us
Sivilai Brick is a family run business that has been producing and distributing handmade Lanna bricks and roof tile for 40 years.

Chiang Mai has a distinct style of bricks and tiles. The raw materials we use and the hand made process makes our products unique from other regions.

We are always trying out new methods of production and increasing our product range including changing the clay we use giving us new selection of colours, sizes and patterns.

Our main product is Lanna handmade common brick, Lanna clay roof tile, Lanna clay wall tile & Floor tile with medium Fire, Lanna Cement Roof tile, Clay doll etc.

We have a newly imported product line from Vietnam:
  • Terracotta floor tiles
  • Terracotta floor tiles
  • These two new products are treated with high temperature for toughness and called Tropical series.
    (SVMF-01) Flower wall tile
    size 2 x 8 x 0.3 inch , weight 0.15 kg., coverage : 100 pcs/sqm.

    (SVFB-04) ชื่อ อิฐมอญก่อโชว์หน้าสาม อัดเครื่อง
    ขนาด : 6 x 16 x 4 ซม. น้ำหนัก : 0.7 กก. พื้นที่ : 150 ก้อน/ตรม.

    อิฐศรีวิไลย เชียงใหม่
    181 ม. 4 ต.สันผักหวาน อ.หางดง จ.เชียงใหม่ 50230
    Tel : 089-5524139,086-1834277,089-8163438,
    line id: 0895524139, kung33
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